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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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i will have full details plus a hurricane building strength that could hit the united states. >> thanks so much jeff, we will see you soon. you can follow jeff's latest forecast by downloading our free nbc bay area app. right now, nearly 60 wildfires burning. one in gilroy, 100 acres have been scorched. the weather is a big factor. laura malpert joins us from gilroy. >> reporter: i am south of eagle ridge. you can see the white smoke in the foot hills. firefighters say no structures or homes are threatened. and they warn it could change any moment and it depends on the
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weather. as ryan rammon washes his car, he keeps one eye on the smoke. prepared to evacuate at a moment's notice. >> yeah, we had somewhat of a plan. we packed our valuable stupes. >> reporter: from air and on the ground about 100 firefighters from across the region. cal fire says the biggest is the terrain. >> pretty steep. difficult to get into. >> reporter: heat and possible lightning strikes are also a big threat. >> we are expecting to get some wind later today. and so that is going to allow the temperatures to go up.
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>> reporter: meantime, eagle ridge golfers continue on the green while neighbors remain on edge. back out here live, we just learned that the fire isn't as big as originally sought. at one acres now not 130. tough work out here. i am told the gilroy firefighter fell down a 40-foot epbankment but not seriously hurt. no word on what caused the fire. >> an active scene there in gilroy. another fire in maddera county. threatening 200 structures. mandatory evacuations are still in effect. 650 acres have burned so far. high temperatures, dead trees and strong winds are the major
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hurt hurdles with this fire. from parades to pickics. the service employees international. bay area cities are on track to reach this goal. >> this is something that we need to reach nationally. not just in the bay area. >> at the rally workers described the difficulties of getting other benefits including health care and paid time off. >> the bay area's biggest demonstration started in oakland.
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nbc bay area mark matthews is there now. they voiced their concern about minimum wage but also about daca. >> reporter: labor unions feel threatened by corporations and by the trump administration and their reaction is to fight back. a crowd of about 1,000 union workers marched down oakland. their collective message was unmistakable. >> we have to bring the heat on the streets. >> when we fight -- when we fight. >> reporter: tom stier says he came here to preach politics matters. >> we have to organize, we have to tell the truth and we have to win elections.
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>> reporter: immigrant rights activist says she is unafraid to fight daca. >> it was you and me that brought about daca and whether he ends it or not, all of us are still here and we have got work to do. >> reporter: now the push back against the trump administration and against republicans in general was part of nearly every speech we heard here. as i mentioned, coming up at 6:00 why a uc berkeley professor of economics believes that is the kind of condition that has led historically to a rise in labor union membership and power. reporting from the plaza in oakland. >> nbc news is among the many
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reporting that trump will -- potential decision and that includes many south bay leaders. nbc bay area robert handa has the latest. >> reporter: the south bay biggest labor groups held their local barbecue with local leaders in attendance many anticipate they will end daca. >> president trump is listening to his vibrating base, the neo-nazis, the white supremacist who are saying to deport these kids. >> reporter: agencies are already gearing up to assist the county's estimated 20,000 dreamers. >> one of the things we will be prepared to do is to put local county resources in helping
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these dreamers. >> reporter: graduating from a special county government internship tuesday and says no matter he will not hide in the shadows. >> we have a platform in which we have solid allies is definitely reassuring to make sure we continue to fight. >> so it will be a busy day here starting tomorrow. officials here emphasize they are anticipating the president's actions. they know nothing is set yet. coming up at 6:00. live in san jose. in support of daca, this one in downtown l.a. you can see the signs. 2 million workers around the country. this marched in atlanta.
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new york governor said he will seek legal action against president trump. >> the trump administration considering what to do next with north korea. today u.s. ambassador to the un nikki haley says north korea is -- >> to the members of the security council, i must say enough is enough. we have taken an incremental approach and despite the best of intentions it has not worked. >> it can only work with the strongest sanctions and calls for a un vote.
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up next at 5:00, a special honor for the sacramento sheriff's deputy who was recently killed in the line of duty. we will show you the moving tribute next. plus animals flown in by the dozens, now families are being challenged to give those animals a new home. i am sam brock in san francisco, where the dogs and cats are going. we are tracking a slight chance of showers and our cooler seven-day forecast, you can get that at 520 tonight. and killed the family pets.
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=vo= a hunt for a cause after a fire gutted an east bay home and killed the family pet. firefighters say all the residents got out but some pets in the building did not make it. a touching tribute today for the sacramento county sheriff's deputy who was killed in the line of duty. they brought in a special tag. dozens of officers came to see the u.s. honor flag.
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the flag is inside the suv here. it was brought if to honor deputy french. he was a 21 year veteran of the force. >> he was looked up to. >> the flag will be on display wednesday and then follow deputy french to roseville where his memorial service will be held. >> labor day took on a literal meaning in houston. the fourth largest city families are pouring through their belongings. thousands are still waiting for the floodwaters to recede. >> every day that we have water in there is another day that our house decays and our belongings decay and we can't get in there and get them. >> the official death toll from
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hurricane harvey now stands at 60. >> the recovery process in texas is progressing well. allowing some volunteers to go home. task force four was sent to help victims more than a week ago. made up of 74 members from different bay area firefighters and agencies. they will touchdown at 7:00 tonight. dozens of refugees are in the bay area and many are furry. sam brock joins us from the san francisco spca. they arrived from texas and so what happens now? >> reporter: a remarkable story of how they got here. it started with a phone call to one of these rescue organizations. a couple volunteering their plane. sunday morning already on their
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way to texas and this trip was a lifeline to all of those animals. >> reporter: these rescue animals were lifted off the plane. >> thank you for bringing -- >> reporter: newly energized pups received the royal treatment. two of dozens of dogs blessed with new homes. >> i have friends who are displaced in houston and this is our way to be able to help. >> anyone in need, it is nice that we can raise to the level and come and help those that need it the most and those are the voiceless animals that can't speak for themselves. >> reporter: the outpouring of support was deafening. >> i would guess half of the people fostering are probably
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going to be fosters. i have a sense a lot of them will end up being a foster. >> reporter: failure means success. all of the animals brought in were either sheltered or brought in before the hurricane meaning they are not looking to return to their families. the next time that they bring animals back, those could be family's pets that they are recovering. two of the groups that were involved in getting to texas tell me me they plan to go back to texas. >> so many people and
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organizations offering a helping hand. we are now preparing for what could be another catastrophic weather event. florida is bracing for irma. the category 4 hurricane is expected to move through the region. the governor already declaring a state of emergency. stores are running out of water and supplies as people are getting supplies. we just got over this and now this could be happening in florida. >> we are at the peak of the hurricane season. it is just something that happens. we will have the full track on that back here at home. it has been about the cooler temperatures thankfully that moved into the bay area. you can see the hazy conditions that are still with us nearby fires continuing to facility ner
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the smoke. down to 84 degrees. and eventually 70s here as we head throughout 9:00, 10:00. a huge body of showers. storm is following apart but still energy with it that has been pushing in a few spotty showers towards california. we have been telling you about this chance all the way through last week. light rainfall. in terms of temperatures, got to show you this. coldest numbers, at least, biggest drops right here across the east bay down 18 degrees from this time yesterday in concord. and 20 in san ramon. and 18 in livermore. so much welcome news here as many folks back here hit
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10112 degrees. this is goi -- get that nice breeze moving in. 68 for the south bay. mild 69 for the tri-valley. we will see areas of smoke filter in. san francisco at 64. for the next few days still good for a slight chance of showers and all due to the remnant moisture sitting offshore. we will have some on and off clouds and possibly spotty showers. the best thing about this pattern is it is continuing to shove that area of high pressure. there is no way we will have 100s back in the forecast this week. you can see across the south bay tomorrow, san jose expecting 85 degrees. and morgan hill 89. another day with welcomed
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weather here, 88 in concord. and back towards oakland 79 degrees. mailed as you head up to san francisco with 74. 84 in novato and 77 in mill valley. irma is approaching san juan. winds of 140 miles per hour. this will get close to miami. a lot can still happen in this time but you can count on us at for full details. 60s to 70 in the extended much better than the super hot weather last week. no 100s as we promised. down to the 80s in saturday. as you see it right now, the next ten-days, no heat wave and
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no 100s coming back. >> we had a hot weekend. >> yeah. >> nice to see the temperatures today. >> thank you. >> thanks, jeff. >> newest area of our nbc bay area family had a busy weekend. take a look. >>. ♪ home of the brave >> that is marcus washington. he sang the anthem and on saturday, he sang the anthem ahead of the giants game. you can see his entire performance on our facebook page. super talented. >> the accident that had customers and employees at this laundromat running for their lives. back in a moment. schedule again.
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he happening now with the heat wave order bart trains are running on schedule today. the transit agency slowed down its trains as a precaution. extreme heat can cause the track expand. >> a concerned man. the father followed the flasher through the neighborhood before the police arrived. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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accident. =vo= take a look.. survellance cameras capture an s-u-v crashing a new york laundromat. an suv crashing into this building. that white truck backing up slowly and plowing right through the front of the store. another angle shows that jeep hitting several people. six people were hurt. three seriously including a pregnant woman. police say this all appears an accident. so far, the 74-year-old driver has not been charged. >> a big change after a nurse being handcuffed. she refused an officer's --
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dragging the nurse out of the hospital and arresting her. well today the hospital announced nurses will no longer work directly with law enforcement. she hopes the story can lead it a positive change in how police do their work. >> i am not here to police the police. the police need to do that if they are going to gain trust by me or i think the public. >> the salt lake police department is investigating the incident and the officer has resigned. >> big news for the royal family in england. we will explain, next. coñ(
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some say it )s needed most. what )s threatening the existene of the "patrol specials" a professional in danger of dissolving at a time many say it is needed most. that story is coming up at our
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6:00 tonight. it is official. prince william and kate are expecting their third child. they chose to make the announcement after kate's morning sickness forced her to cancel an appearance. they make beautiful babies they should have a third. >> this is the strangest weather we have seen in decades. >> i know. and i think a lot of people will take strange. a few isolated showers nearby. we will see things warm up by sunday and monday. but no 100s throughout the next ten-days. air quality will stay moderate. so we will continue to monitor that. watch out if you have asthmaor
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respiratory problems. >> see you at 6:00. tonight, state of emergency declared in florida as hurricane irma grows into a fierce category 4 storm targeting the caribbean. high anxiety up the east coast. preps under way with all eyes on where irma may hit just days after harvey. begging for war. a tough warning from the u.s. after north korea conducts its most powerful nuclear test yet. south korea responding with a massive show of force amid fears of another launch soon. immigration uproar. protests erupt with the president on the verge of ending obama-era protections for nearly a million undocumented so-called dreamers. nurse video fallout. major changes at the hospital where this shocking confrontation was caught on camera. and royal baby surprise. william and kate about to welcome another new


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